Friday, February 25, 2005

Joseph Whitt

Casey Spooner

"Portrait of Casey Spooner (singer of "Fisherspooner"), photograph from the 'Serenade 1' video, produced in collaboration with Lyndsey Welgos, 2004."

'Serenades' is a three-year video project that Joseph Whitt is staging inside various bedrooms and hotel suites around the world. He has asked a handful of artists, poets and performers to meet with his partner Alton and him for the sake of one private, completely intimate bedside serenade.
Joseph Whitt lives in rural Alabama (USA).

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Charles Pennequin

l'homme tue toutes les bêtes tue tout ce qui bouge
toutes les petites bêtes
dans les aliments dans les oignons qui grouillent qui rampent
les toutes petites bêtes toutes noires et qui volètent
autour de lui et des oignons et
qui font du mal aux oignons l'homme les tue pour pouvoir manger
les oignons et empêcher que les bêtes touchent à l'oignon
et que l'oignon pourrisse et
que le pourri de l'oignon finisse par pourrir l'homme à son tour

l'homme ne pourrit pas très vite

l'homme maintient son pourri très longtemps

avant que celui-ci ne fleurisse

l'homme fleurit par son pourri

la fleur de pourri

la merde

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Charles Pennequin est né en 1965 et vit à Rennes.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Florence Manlik


"35 chiwawas; technique: gouache, 21X29,7 centimètres".

"Désormais, le chiwawa est à considérer comme un sac à main. Des milliers de japonaises, il y a peu de temps s'en sont servi, le temps d'une mode. C'est la raison pour laquelle les sites de chiwawas pulullent actuellement; ils ne sont plus fashion, ils sont à vendre."

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Florence Manlik est illustratrice. Elle vit à Paris.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Patricia Ferrel

Egyptian swimming

I have endurance, the stillness
at the center of desire. I have given up
prayer in favor of breath which rises
visibly to disturb a surface.

And the shipwrecked hands,
how long have they been used as oars?
This is for all the hummingbirds
that perish at sea.

Tomorrow, I mutate these arms
to wings. They cannot hold you any more
than they can hold water. I will swim
to where I found you and

lost you when I breathed
the perfect dive, a suicide the world sucked
back into itself without disturbance
or splash. I could swim

in a river all day and tend a fire
all night for a friend who would not do
the same for me. I could visit
your temple, its idol.

Bathe it in oil, wash its eye.
But the nature of the island is that you
cannot get off. So I built
a little boat

to keep me in the game, until
I leaned too far over, saw in the water
that my one love
was me.

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Patricia Ferrel lives in New York. This poem was published in TO 1 (july 2004).

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